Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Pretending to Write

It looks like I’m writing, but I’m only pretending.  My mind is elsewhere, dealing with more important and pressing things.  For instance I am cooking.

Now I’m eating.

At this moment I am cleaning up instead of sitting down and hammering out the words.  Once the cleaning is finished another significant distraction will fill the time I might have better used for writing.  So it goes.
I am sweeping the floor, brushing the dog, milking the cat.  Oh, I meant giving milk to the cat.  Pouring a shallow bowl of milk for the cat. What?  She’s not lapping it up?
She sits there looking at me like I’m stupid.  She’s looking right through me, telling me that only in cartoons do cats drink milk.  Why am I pouring milk for her?  Am I just wasting time?  The dog comes over and sucks the bowl dry.  When it reaches his stomach I will have more to clean up.  I am online researching why adult cats shouldn’t be fed milk.

I’m pretending to write.

I’m really doing something else with my life.

Sandy Kinnee
Feeding the cat I am going to the pet store to buy.
July 13, 2010

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