Monday, June 19, 2017

First Poem Upon Returning

First Poem Upon Returning

I am back here again and
must be settled in
because here I go writing
my first poem upon returning

Whenever I come back here
it feels as though I never left,
except for the part
where I awake at 3:30 in the black
and immediately remember why.

Those here see me often
and once long ago
probably heard me speak
assuming I was Canadian.
I wasn't born here,

but I wasn't born in Canada either
they just were commenting
on my accent
which is not so pronounced
as it once was.

I wasn't born here, but it is as if I was.
When I count the years,
the numbers add up
and I realize I have been here
longer than in my birthplace.

So, here I am once more doing
my best to stay awake among
the locals, to get in sync with their
clocks until I find myself back
to my old schedule of turning

on the coffee and sipping
the results with the white glow
of my lap top screen illuminating
my keyboard once again
at home in every possible way.

There it is and now I have gotten
that first poem done and am free
to proceed with the next.
When it arrives there will be
no fumbling around.

Sandy Kinnee

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