Monday, June 19, 2017

His Muse Appears in the Grocery Line Again

His Muse Appears in the Grocery Line Again

Not always, but often enough,
he would look at what the shopper before him
took from his or her cart
and placed on the check out belt.

As he observed he might imagine a possible
thread uniting the various ingredients
into a meal or a party.
He conflated a scenario that may be probable
or fantastic.

The moving belt of the checkout lane was his muse.

Each combination of groceries was unique.
He recalls one pleasantly dressed man
purchasing a decorated birthday cake,
paper napkins,
a number of rolls of paper towels,
ice cream, Jello pudding,
two cartons of rat killer, and six gallons of bleach.
The man also bought a ski mask and a chain saw.

Sandy Kinnee

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