Monday, June 19, 2017

Hitting the Pillow

Hitting the Pillow               
I am virtually guaranteed,
as it happens again and again,
that no sooner
does my head fall onto the pillow
when a brilliant thought
or startling line flies into
and then out of my cranium. 

I no longer close my eyes thinking
I'll record these words in the morning. 
What is obvious
is the thought will be lost,
buried under whatever dreams will
play in my head while my body rests. 
As I snore the words melt.

In the morning fresh
coffee fueled words percolate
and rise to the surface,
tumbling from my brow,
through my finger tips and onto
an unwrinkled sheet of paper. 
How sad these words do not have

the grace and beauty of those
that visit me while drowsy.

Sandy Kinnee

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