Monday, June 19, 2017

Lists as Poetry

Lists as Poetry

While I wish to present to you a list of obsolete jobs, tools, activities, fads, fashions, technologies, and such; I recently witnessed a poetry reading of a list of cuts of meats and do not want to be so self indulgent. Listening to someone else reading a list can test the patience of anyone.

I recall many decades ago how testing the commitment of an audience was not uncommon. A very clever young writer illustrated this using a fictional artist who demanded the full attention of the buyer of one of his artworks. The artwork was the interior canopy of a parachute, only visible to the parachutist between release of the chute and eventual landing. The story was in Another Roadside attraction, the writer Tim Robbins. 

I do not demand you pay attention.  I hope you do pay attention and will be rewarded for sticking around long enough to find the conclusion.

So, it is not my way to test your patience.  The short list I would have presented would be of the comings and goings of technologies and how one concept pushes another aside, while taking part of the older method into the newer. The typewriter surrendered its keyboard to newer technologies.

What changes changes and evolves. What doesn't change are the technologies of the human condition and the heart and mind.

And in the end I contradict myself and speak of lists.  While reading a list aloud may try the patience of an audience, list making is essentially a craving for order, the making of sense of the world. Lists were the earliest uses of written language.  Lists led to an awakened and widening of concepts that have never gone fully out of use.

Lists are meant to be in written form, intended to be read a line at a time.

That’s it. That is all I wanted to say. Trying to make sense of the world is useful from time to time.

Sandy Kinnee

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