Monday, June 26, 2017

Loss, Rebirth, and a Funeral

Loss, Rebirth, and a Funeral

"Anna, Anna!!!"  Everyone in the metro car looked up at once. The woman's face was contorted in pain. Her husband stood behind her emotionless. The doors had closed and Anna was not with them. The mother was in tears. An older woman touched the mother on the wrist and pointed to the windows connecting this car to the next.

Anna, a twelve year old girl, was pressing her face to the glass, waving to her mother.

It was only when the train stopped and the two were reunited that the mother changed her expression. Now it was utter joy, a rebirth.

This morning, in front of St. Sulpice, five men dressed in black stood next to a blacker hearse. A sixth sat inside the vehicle texting.

Paris 2017 #56 

Sandy Kinnee

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