Monday, June 19, 2017

Mating Call of the Cherubim

Mating Call of the Cherubim

When we see cherubs with their tiny wings
fluttering to hold up their chubby baby bodies
do we think, my, such cute naked flying babies?


So, what about cherubs? Are they really babies,
just now born from nowhere with wings
destined to be terrible two monsters,
then later on teen angels?

Is there a life cycle for them
or are they cherubic forever?
On little boy cherubs we may identify
teeny genitalia. There are girls as well. 

Is it possible that cherubs remain this size
all their natural lives?
And do they reproduce as humans do?
Or is the genitalia merely decorative?

House cats don't grow up to become
full size lions and tigers.
Domestic cats are domestic cats.
Cherubim are cherub-size.

I imagine the cherubim live hundreds
of years and are as private in
intimate moments as other animals
and supernatural beings. 
We only see them when they flutter.

Undoubtedly they know more
than fluttering around.

Isn't Cupid a cherub?
Are not his arrows those tasted
by Saint Teresa during her ecstasy ?

Sandy Kinnee

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