Tuesday, June 27, 2017

My Nickname There

My Nickname There

Of course they recognize me at the boulangerie.
I frequent the shop daily,
sometimes showing up at seven and then again
at eleven thirty.

Actually I should know their names,
but don't.
It might be helpful if they wore name tags.
I know their faces and their smiles as they
put up with my awful French.

The woman who gives me my baguette and croissants
refers to me as "Le homme avec une mille lunettes".
That is her nickname for me.
She told me so this morning.

I will tell her my proper name next time
and learn hers.

"Le homme avec une mille lunettes"
Not quite  a thousand round eyeglasses,
but it seems I'm headed in that direction.

Paris 2017 #58

Sandy Kinnee

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