Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Room Enough For Small Painting

Not Room Enough

While there is no where
near the amount of space
in this Parisian apartment
to paint on the scale
I have been working,
I have made use of my time
to work with words;
more easily shoved
into my laptop.

Yesterday something
happened to change things.
A gear or flywheel or
mechanism in some
damp part of me kicked in
and began making marks
upon the pages
of the stack of large notebooks
I brought along.

Simply small and limited
to black ink,
yet visual in that you don't
look at them,
the way you do
with written words,
and let the eye shuttle
the marks to your ears.

No, these are fully visual
things without sound,
not read by sounding-out
the marks in your ear.
These bypass the ear and
the nose and the tongue
and plug into some primal part 
of your brain.
Possibly it also visits your gut.

Look, mom, I'm riding
two bikes at the same time.

There is room enough
for small painting.

Sandy Kinnee

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