Monday, June 19, 2017

Six Old Handkerchiefs

Six Old Handkerchiefs

A lady at the antique market
sold me six handkerchiefs
for 5 euros.

To me, that's a good bargain.
It's like a bottomless
box of Kleenex.

No one uses hankies any more.
They come from a different
time and place.

Think of the romantic young lady
who intentionally drops her hankie
for a gentleman.

Or, how a gentleman offers
his handkerchief to a gentlewoman
so she might wipe away her tears.

That is so opposite to the monk
in the John Cage piece, who hits
the lady to give her something to cry about.

He certainly does not hand her
a crisp new handkerchief,
only more grief.

Sandy Kinnee

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