Thursday, June 22, 2017

That Could Take a Lifetime

That Could Take a Lifetime

The only one of my grandparents who wasn't born in Canada was the one who put me on the front seat of her Desoto and took me over the bridge to that foreign land. She was born in the United States, her other siblings in Prussia.

Living on a border, or living in a border town lets one see differences without fearing them. The people across the lake and river were known as Canadians. 

The same might be true of folks who live in neighboring states or towns or perhaps live in the city and visit their cousins dairy. They probably cross into unknown territory and discover that a different way is just a different way and not dangerous. Differences enrich us and my grandmother wanted to show me that there was a world to discover. 

We left the American side of the border and before entering Canada had to answer the questions of the Canadian Douane, border agent. The three questions were simple.
Where were you born? What is the purpose of your visit? Do you have anything to declare?

The first and last questions had short answers, USA and no. The middle question was answered by my grandmother this way "I want to show my grandson what is different and special about Canada".

The Douane bent forward and rested his forearms on the frame of the car window, poking his head inside, "My dear madame, I fear that would take a lifetime."

My grandmother shook her head in agreement.

Sandy Kinnee

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