Friday, June 30, 2017

The Last Pages of a Book

The Last Pages of a Book

Each story, like a life, has a beginning
and an end.
I am reading a book.

It is not a book I ever expected to read. 
It wasn't recommended to me.
It just was not my kind of book. 

But I had nothing to read
and this book was available.
I began reading.

Once hooked, I could not put it down.
And now, I am
about to finish reading the book.

I do not want to put the book down,
to close the book. 
Yet, I want it to be over.

Give me a conclusion
Let me say: I am glad I read that book.
Now I can put it on the shelf.

I am sitting in a yellow chair.
I feel I have been reading this book
for years.

Paris 2017 #62

Sandy Kinnee

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