Friday, June 30, 2017

The Sound of Water Breaking on a Beach

The Sound of Water

If I asked you to close your eyes
and sit in a soundproof room,
to relax
and settle into your own head
could you imagine doing so?

Suppose you did just that
and I asked you to create,
in this meditative state,
a single soothing color or
a relaxing scent?

Would you then try something
with sound?
If there was a place you could be
in which sound was the only
sensory input,

what stimulation might you
try to generate in your head?
The rustling of pine needles
as you walk through a forest?
The flapping of owl wings?

Waves lapping on a sandy beach?
Or human sounds?
Someone turning over in their slumber,
blankets and sheets moving slightly?
A piano being played far far away?

A choir?

Last night I was not dreaming.
I awoke at midnight to what I first
imagined was a party taking place
in my building.
I was not dreaming.

It was not a party in any normal sense.
It was a choir group singing on the street,
many young voices singing songs
I am sure they meant as uplifting.
They kept me awake for two hours.

I wanted the sound of water
breaking upon a beach in Michigan.

Paris 2017 #63

Sandy Kinnee

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