Monday, June 19, 2017

TomTom and the Farmer's Dog

TomTom and the Farmer's Dog

We'd heard the story about the GPS navigation system that doesn't understand how wide your vehicle is and that a route it sends you on in an ancient city may be completely impassable. We did not hear about the cow paths that show up as roads, so dutifully, when our French GPS, Tom Tom navigation, told me to turn right, I did and followed a cow path across fields, up and down hills and around a bend into a farmer's back yard, between the barn and house. The farmer's old dog did not know what to make of us and just stood there, acting befuddled. He didn’t bark or growl.  The farmer must have been away or no one noticed us. The dog was the only one there. The cows were likely off in a different field than the one we toured.

After a moment of exchanging glances with the dog, I spotted a proper driveway that lead to a one lane unpaved road. Then I carefully and slowly backed up and turned the wheel, rolling gently in case children or cats might also venture out to see the unexpected visitor.  I turned off the Tom Tom as we wound our way along the rutted lane, under a thick green canopy that blocked out the sun and sky. This ethereal verdant glow was supported by the stems of gnarled trees. We drove up and down under emerald light until, at last, we found a paved two lane road.  Then we turned the Tom Tom on again.

That was only the start of our day and our visits to the painted prehistoric caves.   We wandered back 25,000 years  where the Tom Toms would again have been useless.

Sandy Kinnee

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