Monday, June 19, 2017

Upon Viewing a Standing Mattress

Upon Viewing a Standing Mattress

When one sees an old mattress standing vertically,
leaning against a brick wall or a dumpster,
it makes little or no sense visually or otherwise.

Guttural and mental reactions
to a discarded mattress are never positive,
especially when the smell floats like a putrid cloud
or stains are visible, especially identifiable discoloration.

Can one reach a point of neutrality
regarding a used up bed to consider the function
of this thing? 

It was designed with a purpose which
it undoubtedly has served, a platform
for human relaxation,
a surface familiar with both pleasure and illness.

This is a discarded object, used up and rejected,
absolutely devoid of grace or beauty and yet,
there is a sculpted shape, relaxed form,
the way it bends,
a distant cousin to van Gogh’s painted portrait
of an old worn pair of brown boots.

This cast off vertical object, fatigued bed standing
perpendicular to its natural state,
marking time until it is hauled to the dump
or salvaged by a homeless person who dreams
of sleeping on other than cardboard.

A tired old slab stuffed with memories
has served its purpose.

Are there tales to tell about those who slept here?
Was there love, betrayal, or just simply the need
for a better nights sleep that has led
to this mattress being tossed out?

Left slumped outside.
How neutral the smell of a new mattress.
Like a fresh notebook with not a scribble
not yet the ring shaped stain of a coffee mug.

Sandy Kinnee

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