Sunday, July 2, 2017

Brancusi Not Hockney

Brancusi Not Hockney

The rain clouds parted and hordes emerged
from far and wide to stand in front of
David Hockney's bright paintings

Stand they did, awaiting entry in a line that
snaked and curled a good hundred plus yards,
not single file, but six abreast.

One might imagine free paintings were being
awarded, but no, and not even free admission.
I pondered how many hours the wait.

Then, having he luxury of coming back
when the galleries will be not so packed,
I left the line and walked a few more steps

And there I had Brancusi to myself. 
I was once again in his studio, with no crowd
and no bright colors to dazzle

This time, unlike those many decades ago when I
walked inside his studio among his work and tools,
the studio is surrounded by a glass wall.

Paris 2017 #67

Sandy Kinnee

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