Monday, July 3, 2017

Drawing In The Notebooks Instead

Those Unused Moleskins

Bought by the three pack
and scribbled into
like eating popcorn.

Stacks of fresh moleskins
always handy, at the ready.

Hundreds filled and boxed,
stuffed with raw word sketches
coughed out poems,
notes and half notes.
Quarter notes even.

Then I found my smart phone
was an easier tool
and the notes go into my inbox,
like what I am doing right now.

I brought dozens of moleskins,
all empty or were until now.

Words are better typed
on my phone.
Scribbles are better on paper.
wordless poems,
overlaid color pencil lines,
or what you might call them
are spilling out
the tips of my fingers.

I need to buy more moleskins.

Paris 2017 #68 

Sandy Kinnee 

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