Sunday, July 9, 2017

Miss or Mister Mouse Poses for a Portrait

Miss or Mister Mouse Poses for a Portrait

Shall I call the mouse an it?  That It was a he or she, probably matters not.  He or she or it, this mouse just sat at noon in the middle of a sidewalk,  looking handsome and content.  It was not eating, which is what I thought might distract it from noticing an approaching human.

The sidewalk was quiet and there was no traffic, no car, bus, or foot.

I wondered if the mouse sat so still because it was sick or injured. Maybe I had startled it and the mouse chose to stay still, hoping I would not notice it, gray against a gray sidewalk.

A couple watched me from ten yards away, as I knelt and asked the mouse for permission to take its photograph.  I took no answer as approval or at least acquiescence.

It posed, by way of not moving. I took the shot and was happy with the image.  The mouse sat still, it was looking at me, otherwise it did not move. I thanked it for being such a good subject and turned to walk on.  I was more concerned that the mouse hadn't moved, seemed to accept my visit. I took a step forward, then turning again I saw the couple approach the mouse, reaching to pet it, to judge if it was alive and not a toy or stuffed animal.

The mouse shot off down the sidewalk, diving into a grating.

Paris 2017 #76

Sandy Kinnee

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