Thursday, July 13, 2017

My Nature is to Create

My Toggle Switch

Like the toggle switch that activates
my automatic and incessant slapping
of paint on canvas,

I seem to have a need to spew
my thoughts once the writing switch
has been pushed to the ON position.

Perhaps words drool out
absentmindedly in a received
or automatic manner. 

Or I might just be acting
as a word camera focusing on
some feature that catches my attention.

For whatever reason, I write.

Somehow, once turned "on"
the writing mode picks up
its own momentum

and I make a pile of words
that may be of interest or are not. 
Hopefully, they are not deadly and boring.

What I understand is, for me,
I work not so much in a fever,
but intently, prolifically.

I have a switch inside me that is
high functioning.
I focus with the same energy best

on a large project I can run with,
multiple paintings at a time
or 50 large sheets of handmade rag a day,

or whatever poems or stories
pop into my head
whether awake of asleep. 

That is just the way it goes.

And, it is not like I work to get
a quantity completed quickly or
become bored with one piece and move on.

I often stay on the same road,
highway, path, river, toboggan run,
and let the work evolve.  

The pieces happen one after another.
I only run out of time or materials.
Usually not for long.

Paris 2017 #84

Sandy Kinnee

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