Saturday, July 1, 2017

Seeing Your Own Hamster Cage

Worlds within Worlds and seeing your own World

It is the nature and limitation of human beings to filter what we see and do.
It is the way it is. What you see is what you get. The world you see is the world you live within. Or the world you imagine is the world you exclude.

The best we can do is pick and choose from the available, larger world what will fit within your own individual worlds.  We cannot possibly inhabit or know the full world.
We are the inhabitants of our own particular hand-built worlds. Some are closed off from expansion, others open.

Each brick that defines our personal world is laid in place by our own hands. We leave some passage ways open to other worlds and build bridges for excursions to other lands. Perhaps the bricks are regular bricks or concrete blocks. Maybe they are glass bricks or your own world may more accurately resemble a hamster habitat, a sprawling labyrinth of tubes and fish bowls.

Outside my own world, I am aware that race cars and tattoos and recreational marijuana exist.  I have no interest in visiting those worlds, unless by chance there might be a cat wanting to be petted or a big ass painting or some compelling writing to attract me.   

It seems one can’t fully see your own world and the hamster maze that others inhabit, while not exactly knowable, would probably be both familiar and not, except for the race cars and smell of ganja or kimchi.

And no, not pictures of large butts. Just really huge paintings.

 Paris 2017 #65

Sandy Kinnee

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