Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Not Necessarily Art

Looking at Things, Not Necessarily Art

Pointing our eyeballs to look at a work of art
or maybe some little thing in a shop window
or a funny clip online.

We, on our own, choose to look,
to focus our attention upon something.
Mostly, we see what we see not by a prior intent,
but by chance or perhaps are
manipulated to look at a certain thing.

The eye catching design of a poster says
look at me and makes promises
of what is in store if we follow our eyes further.

Maybe the visual is accompanied by a big wham.
We hear the wham and swivel our heads
toward where the sound originated.
It is as if our name is Wham. 

We respond to hearing our name,
then the image has earned our focus.
Can it sustain our glance,
turn it
into a gaze?
Is the visual sufficiently compelling
to hold our attention?

Our visual attention,
once captured, is held only so long.
The brain decides whether or not
to apply further mental processes
and when to move along.    

Until someone shouts our name again.

Or, perhaps we are tired of being assaulted
and jostled into looking at
this and that demanding our attention.

Sometimes what we need is to bend down
to watch a ladybug or
slip inside of that large red painting over there.

We see when we are ready to look.

Paris 2017 #71

Sandy Kinnee

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