Friday, July 21, 2017

Sunset Maybe of This Stay in Paris

I am not one for omens or signs or maybe I am or should be.

When in Paris I carry my electronic transportation card, Navigo, in my right back pocket. For as many years as I have had it, ten sounds about right, it is always in my right rear pocket. Before the advent of the Navigo, my Carte Orange was in that pocket. Since 1978 I have always had my pass in the same place.

Today I reached in my pocket and it was gone. Probably I was concentrating on taking a photograph and let the Navigo slip, not into the pocket, but onto the street.

If I believed in omens, it might be a sign
that it is time to pack up and head for home.
In fact, it is in just a few more days I am flying.

When I next return to Paris, a year from now,
I'll buy a new card and try to keep it forever.
 And about the photograph, of course she held a hose.

Paris 2017 #96

Sandy Kinnee

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