Friday, July 14, 2017

The Old Man Who Went to the Art Opening, Then Vanished

I Shuffled Off

I was very fortunate to make a good living for a nice long time from creating and selling my work. At one time 49 galleries were selling my prints, mainly in the USA, but also in Japan and Europe.  For a number of years I made more from my art than I had working full time in art museums.

Then, after a number of my best dealers died of AIDS and things and tastes changed, sales sagged. When my gallery in Zurich closed down, after being open for twenty years, everything went poof.  Poof, as if it had been a great dream.

I do not need the excuse of distributing my work through art dealers to make my art. I can't help but create. As much as I love working on the fifteen foot canvases, if I can't afford them I work on my own paper. When I run out of paper I do something else.

Sometimes it is more fun to do what you can't afford to do.

I wrote a time travel piece about going back to a group exhibition I was in during grad school. In the story, I was both the young artist and an old guy with funny eyeglasses. I gave the young artist a little advice about the value of making art, the continuous creation of art. It was simply: What you do now is good. What you keep doing is better.

Yes, I wrote the time travel piece. But, it was based on an actual interaction with an old man who showed up at the opening. He seemed to single me out.  I did not witness him talking with anyone else. He claimed to be an artist, but never mentioned his name. He did wear round glasses, large ones.

Then I shuffled off.

Paris 2017 #86

Sandy Kinnee

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