Monday, July 10, 2017

The Swimming Lesson

Uncle Sam and the Swimming Lesson

This happened in the old country, Uncle Sam said. 
His brothers, whom not a one liked him,
dragged him, kicking and screaming,
to the middle of a bridge
over a deep and wide river.

They told him they were giving him a swimming lesson,
although he said he was fine and didn't want one. 
He lived in a city, not by a sea or lake.
He did not need to know how to even tread water.

He already supposed his brothers resented him,
the baby of the family.
He was correct.  But would they want to kill him
or was he in need of swimming lessons?
He did not know how to swim. 
He'd never waded in water waist high.

The brothers grabbed him by the legs
and arms
and counted one two three.

Suddenly he was under water
and his one and only thought was this:

If I drown my mother will kill me!

Paris 2017 #78

Sandy Kinnee

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