Friday, July 14, 2017

Watching People From Above

Lucky Boy Looking Out the Window

From a stool on the second floor
of the department store
Bon Marche
he could watch pedestrians
coming and going on the metro stairway. 

Rain was lightly falling,
barely spitting
not so much to make the passers below
hurry any more than normal.

From where he sat voices of greetings
and partings were exchanged between
and the sales staff
accompanied musically by
Erik Satie’s Les GymnopĂ©dies

The piano made those on the metro steps
seem like three dimensional
ice skaters in slow motion.

Fewer walked with headphones
staring at phones
than he expected
One guy wearing an orange raincoat
stood alone.
Lit and smoked an entire cigarette
before moving on.

There were interactions: couples met,
parted, others joined up
People just being people
Posing for selfies

and then he noticed something 
he'd missed.
A photomaton- a grandfather,
his daughter and his grandson
taking pictures in the booth

The music switched to something jazzy.
He didn’t care for jazzy.
The rain completely ceased.

He stood, took the escalator down,
went out the door
and descended the steps
into the metro.

Paris 2017 #85

Sandy Kinnee

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